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Who should use Time in a Place?

If you have a holiday home or investment property in Mt Maunganui or Papamoa that you would like to increase the rental return from with the flexibility to use for yourself when you choose then we are ideal for you.

If you plan to travel and would like to see your property earn you money while you are away then we are also ideal for you.

What accommodation booking websites would my property be advertised on?

We can advertise your property on any the following  websites –, and

How do I know my home will be treated well?

Some Accommodation booking websites such as Airbnb offer a verification system that requires potential guests to set up a profile before they can make any bookings. They need to provide proof of their e-mail and phone numbers and for further assurance they can be asked to verify themselves with either passport or Drivers licence ID, so we know exactly who is making the booking. Airbnb also has a system of feedback, where the host will report on the guest and vice versa so if anyone in the Airbnb community has had a bad experience with a guest, it will be on their profile for everyone to see. Time in a Place will not allow bookings from anyone with negative feedback. Time in a Place will also do their utmost to screen potential guests and only allow those to book whom we feel will treat your property with respect.

Time in a Place will also put an agreed bond amount on your property. If anything is damaged or missing during a guest’s stay we can make a claim for any damages.

In an extreme case, Airbnb offers a host guarantee of cover up to $NZD1.4 million (subject to approval by Airbnb), after your personal insurance has run out. We advise all our clients to be covered by home & contents insurance.

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